Join Two or More Complaints

Information Sheet GA 7

This information sheet gives you information you need to apply to join two or more complaints.

Joining complaints means that the Tribunal will deal with the complaints together.

This information sheet tells you:

Legal test for joining complaints

Section 21(6) of the Human Rights Code sets out the test.

You must show it is “fair and reasonable” to join the complaints.

Fair includes the following ideas:

  • all participants have a chance to prove their side
  • the process doesn’t cost too much

Reasonable means there is a good reason to join the complaints.

Information the Tribunal will consider

Reason to join the complaints

One good reason to join complaints is to save time.

The Tribunal will consider if:

  • the complaints are against the same respondent
  • the complaints are about similar situations
  • the evidence overlaps

    Example: The complaints are about the same events. The witnesses overlap. It would save time to have one hearing.


The Tribunal will consider the effect on the participants.