Tribunal Organization and Staff

The Tribunal is made of members and staff and is headed by a chair. It may also contract with other persons, such as mediators. You may have contact with the following:

Case Manager

A case manager is a part of the Registry staff. A case manager processes complaints, including setting dates for:

  • settlement meetings
  • case conferences
  • submissions on applications
  • hearings.

The case manager communicates with the parties about the complaint.

  • First, a case manager may communicate with a complainant when they file a complaint.
  • Second, a case manager is your main contact after the respondent files a response.


The chair is a member of the Tribunal. The Lieutenant Governor in Council designates the chair of the Tribunal. The chair manages the Tribunal’s work. The chair assigns complaints to members to make decisions or orders.


A clerk is a member of the Registry staff. A clerk assists case managers to process complaints. A clerk will:

  • send notices of a complaint proceeding
  • scheduling mediations
  • tell parties about the deadlines for disclosure and applications to dismiss.

Customer Service Representative

A customer service representative is a member of the Registry staff. A customer service representative:

  • answers general inquiries
  • processes correspondence
  • supports other Registry staff

Facility Coordinator

A facility coordinator is a member of the Registry staff. The facility coordinator:

  • coordinates hearing and mediation rooms
  • supports other Registry staff
  • assists with administrative duties for 5 other onsite tribunals and boards.

Legal Assistant

The legal assistant is the assistant to legal counsel and the registrar.

Legal Counsel

Legal counsel are lawyers on staff with the Tribunal. Legal counsel:

  • give advice to the Tribunal
  • represent the Tribunal in court
  • act as mediators

Legal counsel do not give legal advice to the parties to a complaint.


A mediator works with the parties to help them try to settle the complaint. A mediator may be a member, lawyer, or other person.


A member makes decisions under the Human Rights Code about complaints. The Lieutenant Governor in Council appoints members for a two to five year term. The Chair can also appoint members for six-month terms.


The registrar manages the Tribunal’s Registry.

Registry Officer

A Tribunal  registry officer is a member of the Registry staff. A Tribunal registry officer:

  • answers phone and email questions
  • gives information and forms to the public
  • reviews new complaints to see if they are complete